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MammoCheck is a serum-based test developed to detect early-stage breast cancer recurrence and monitor therapy response. It is offered under CLIA certification.


A Simple Blood Test

Since Mammocheck uses blood serum, it can be used as a noninvasive and non-imaging way to monitor for breast cancer recurrence in-between mammograms. The earlier recurrence is detected, the better the chance of full recovery.



Monitoring Therapy Efficacy -
Shielding Your Health from Unnecessary Medication 

Mammocheck can be used to track whether a chosen therapy is effective at causing cancer remission. Take a test prior to treatment start and after the treatment cycle has ended to see if the biomarker, and therefore the cancer, has diminished.


Active Surveillance for Breast Cancer Recurrence

Breast cancer survivors are often tested for CA-15.3, despite its known low sensitivity in cancer surveillance except in late-stage metastatic patients. Mammocheck provides another option for doctors and patients seeking a noninvasive way to watch for recurrence in between mammograms and other imaging tests.


Patient Information

After treatment for primary cancer, the risk of recurrence remains, especially if it spreads unchecked and interferes with the normal function of other organs.

Sometimes primary treatments for cancer do not eradicate all the cancer cells and a few can remain and "seed" new growths and tumors in other parts of the body. When regular monitoring is not in place, cancer can return without warning, either in the original diseased organ and/or in different organs (metastasis), making it much harder to control the disease. 

MammoCheck and IgoCheck are the only serum-based cancer monitoring tests specifically available to identify recurrence at an early stage, years ahead of imaging results, when treatment is most successful. It is recommended to schedule frequent monitoring to detect any relapse and take adequate measures in time.

When cancer cells are identified, preventative therapeutic measures are more effective to eradicate recurrent cancer and keep you healthy.

CLIA Laboratory Test

Samples are received and processed at Milagen's CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) laboratory facility (CLIA ID# 05D2269442), ensuring complete oversight of every aspect of quality, testing, and patient privacy.

Milagen laboratory is licensed by the California State Department of Health and is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations.

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