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Wide Population Early Screening
in Asymptomatic People Over the Age of 45

Seeking Partnerships for Co-Development and Commercialization

A screening device for the early detection of cancer in the blood

Milagen developed and validated Igo4Check, a wide-population screening blood test for the early detection of the 4 major cancers in asymptomatic patients over the age of 45: breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate. It is currently going through the regulatory process.


  • Pre-PMA submission was discussed with the FDA for the inclusion/exclusion criteria, the number of patients for each cancer type, and the intended use.

  • Igo4Check test is indicated for the screening of the average-risk asymptomatic population for the early detection of the 4 major cancers.

  • Milagen is pursuing a Breakthrough Device designation with the FDA.

Current standard-of-care for wide-population cancer screening is mainly imaging-based (mammography, colonoscopy, etc.). This creates bottlenecks and friction due to issues of staffing, availability, cost and inconvenience to the patient. As a result, the compliance rate is low.


Our intention is to gain FDA approval for our test as another option for patients, with the intention of improving compliance rates and improving the rate at which cancer is detected in its earliest stages - when treatment is most effective. 


Join Us in the Fight Against Cancer

Seeking Partners

Milagen welcomes potential research and coporate partners, investors and supporters to co-develop and commercialize this test. 


Contact us today to learn more.

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