Milagen has developed a novel fully integrated platform designed for manual simultaneous evaluation of multiple cervical cytology specimens, the MilagenTM Multiwell Liquid-based Cytology (LBC) System.

The MilagenTM Multiwell System comprises:

  • Multiwell Plate (patent pending)
  • LBC preservative solution: MLG CYT Preservative
  • Low-cost and rapid LBC method
  • Multiwell Plate accessories for staining

For a description of the system, components and workflow click here.

Combining high-throughput and low-cost manual processing, the MilagenTM Mutiwell LBC System addresses the needs of cervical cytology screening in low to medium infrastructure settings.

Amenable to automation, MilagenTM Mutiwell LBC System could provide higher throughput and resource savings to high infrastructure clinical laboratories.

In a strategic collaboration with Grupo Columbia and ServaCare, a clinical laboratory operating in Mexico City, Milagen commercializes its LBC products and Multiwell system in Mexico.*

Liquid-based Cervical Cytology Products

Milagen manufactures MLG CYT Preservative,*,** a proprietary cytology preservative solution. 

MLG CYT Preservative*,**  is incorporated into PapPlus kit* as a pre-filled specimen collection vial containing cytology preservative solution.  PapPlus kit* is commerciliazed by Grupo Columbia and ServaCare in Mexico.

*COFEPRIS approved (Mexico)

**FDA registered (US)

Multiwell Plate

MilagenTM Multiwell Plate is a novel device designed for cytology high throughput screening for the processing and evaluation of 48 cytology specimens (patent pending).

In particular, it can be used in the evaluation of multiple cervical samples in clinical laboratories with no access to high-cost high-maintenance automated systems.

Milagen radically innovates in cervical cytology screening with the Multiwell device which enables the simultaneous treatment, on the same glass plate, of 48 specimens instead of one. This innovation possibly makes the MilagenTM Multiwell LBC System a competitive alternative to conventional single slide cytology.

Cervical cancer biomarkers

Milagen has selected cervical cancer and dysplasia specific biomarkers from its biomarker portfolio, which are being validated for use in the Multiwell System.

Thus, Milagen is developing a fully integrated diagnostic platform for cervical cancer detection and screening.