Milagen Approach


While most diagnostic companies were focusing on DNA or RNA based diagnostics, Milagen´s innovative approach was the high-throughput generation of antibody reagents against the human proteome.

Because proteins are the ultimate operators of gene expression, Milagen based its biomarker discovery on proteins, obtained from patient clinical samples, rather than on genes.

Milagen unique approach encompasses core proprietary technologies, including:

  • the high-throughput generation of antibody reagents
  • a versatile proteomic screening technology

During the discovery effort, Milagen screened the antibody collection on a collection of clinical samples (tissue, serum/plasma and urine) from cancer patients resulting in the selection and identification of novel candidate cancer biomarkers.

Milagen biomarkers were first selected based on their differential expression in cancer versus normal controls. They were then extensively validated in a large number of clinical samples, from a collection of cancer specimens procured over the years from independent clinical centers, nationwide and abroad.

Milagen has thus developed a portfolio of novel proprietary cancer biomarkers showcasing several critical attributes, which make them attractive markers for a variety of clinical applications.

Milagen novel proprietary cancer biomarkers are:

  • Either novel proteins or not previously known to be cancer related
  • Expressed in EARLY and LATE stages of disease
  • Expressed by the majority of the diseased population
  • Overexpressed in cancer versus normal
  • Secreted in biological fluids, such as serum and/or urine

Milagen novel biomarkers target breast, colorectal, cervical, lung, ovary, pancreatic, prostate cancers, and have utility application in cancer surveillance and recurrence, and possibly early detection.