What If There Is No Wayleave Agreement

If there is no way, start by notifying them to remove their equipment from your country. There is a wooden pole on our property with what I believe to be a 400V power line running through our property to another wooden pole just across the border in a neighbor`s country. The power line “flies” over the existing (dilapidated) house on the property, although on part of a floor of the existing house. According to approved plans, the replacement house (both floors) will also be under the cable. I contacted the DNO who covered the property and they told me that there was no trace of a legal agreement covering the equipment on the property. The other threads I found here are where there is a way. These are wires that “steal” telegraph poles on another property above a property. We are sometimes allowed to install them without needing a means, but only if: A word of caution at certain times and at the time. If you need to negotiate a new deal with them, it can take a long time. It can also take a long time for a new connection to exist.

If these wires prevent you from developing the terrain, you need to solve the power problem as soon as possible. Roadmap agreements are particularly important because they apply not only to the landowner who took them over, but also to their “successors in title”, i.e. to anyone who has purchased and owned the property since the conclusion of the contract. So if you buy a property with a Wayleave deal, there is a chance that you will also buy the contract and therefore give the energy company the right to use your land to power the country. You should therefore seek the legal advice of your guarantor if you believe that the property you are buying is subject to a Wayleave agreement. How long does a Wayleave contract last? As the old saying goes, “How long does a piece of string last?” The time required to conclude a Wayleave contract may vary depending on the circumstances of the contract and the cooperation of third parties. These parties regularly include Wayleave agents, land agents, lawyers and adjacent landowners. Typically, it takes between 12 and 16 weeks for the necessary legal documents to be issued. However, some projects can be more complex than others and therefore take much longer to complete. .