Trade Agreement Vs Sales Agreement

If, in the sales contract, you need to enter into an agreement between your company and the supplier or customer with the number of items with quantity and quantity, and from the same contractual area you can create both an order and a sales order, and this will be the replica of the price of this agreement. In the sales contract form, you can configure, enforce, and track existing sales contracts between your organization and the debtor. After creating a sales contract z.B you can order directly above. For more details on the trade agreement (and the price/discount surcharge, and the purchase agreements), consult the distribution line > view > price details: 4. Trade agreements can be defined in each of the above-mentioned group forms. The Trade Agreement button allows you to conclude trade agreements for any type of relationship. If a customer does not have a fixed price for a sales contract and needs to sell a certain number of products at a selling price set by the trade agreement, the check box must be activated in zero-price sales agreements. If you do not want to deduct the quantity of items returned from the sales contract obligation, you can use the Remove Link control element on the Return Order page to remove the link between the return order and the sales contract obligation. If you need to restore the link later, click Create Link.

You can copy financial dimensions, either in voucher heads or in individual lines of a distribution contract. You can change the dimensions at any time on a chord or chord line. In this case, the measurements are automatically copied to the trigger head or release line of the trigger commands.