Cargo Sales Agent Agreement

“But where the GSSA is deployed is our local station office and therefore has to supervise and monitor registration on our behalf, whether for planes, trucks or cargo.” “Many airlines now need GSSA, especially in off-the-ground stations, to reduce costs and limit their commitment to expensive offices,” says Ton Smulders, president of EGSAC (European General Sales Agency Cargo), an independent GSSA cargo network. EGSAC has 30 members in 33 countries and represents approximately 150 airlines. The rise of freight sellers is creating a new dynamic in the relationship between the airline and the ground service provider. The main question for customs clearances and airlines now is whether this win-win relationship can stay the course. If third-party sales increase, the links in the value chain inevitably increase. Maintaining this seamless integration is essential if freight is to remain in the long run. Air Cargo Global has appointed ATC Aviation Services, headquartered in Frankfurt, GSA cargo in Germany. The airline All-Cargo, based in Bratislava, operates. Since the GSSA operates exclusively on its territory, the handling agent generally considers the GSSA to be a carrier, receives instructions from the GSSA, and accepts cargo and construction information as usual. Ambik notes that GSSAs are generally long-term partners and are often seen almost as collaborators. He says there is a slightly different approach to information exchange and sales price management, but in practice they can be easily integrated into the structure of Cargolux. Rarely does a GSSA actually perform physical manipulation for a carrier, but the overall nature of the service offering is so comprehensive that they seem to do so. Using the company`s reservation system, a GSSA makes available to its customer all the details of the shipment by flight.

“For example, if a carrier operates with a cargo ship from Brussels and the cargo comes from Amsterdam, the GSSA reserves the cargo at the carrier`s online office in Brussels, followed by updated information after the cargo is handed over to the registration agent,” says Smulders. The question for airlines is how to maximize the opportunities offered by this welcome escalation in business. For many, the solution focuses on General Sales and Service Agents (GSSAs). Hauliers are increasingly coming to them to carry out their freight operations outside the internal market. There have been a lot of agreements in recent months. Active Airline Representatives has been appointed to distribute Saudi Airlines Cargo Company in the Netherlands. It`s a big deal. The airline flies up to 18 B747-400Fs a week from Brussels to Saudi Arabia. Active will have access to online capabilities and will also be able to block the place for regular customers and ad hoc agreements. “For air cargo in general, the commercial agent sector has grown in importance over the past decade as some airlines have tried to reduce their selling costs,” says Ambik. American Airlines Cargo has appointed General Sales Agents (GSAs) in three other destinations outside its network: Croatia, Slovenia and.