Aa Sold As Seen Agreement

Nor can you use a “sold as seen” receipt to cover the possibility that the car is not roadly. The law is clear – it is illegal to sell a car in a non-road condition. This contract should contain the words “sold as seen, verified and approved without warranty”. Once the car is sold, you should contact the DVLA as soon as possible to inform them that you no longer own the car. Your V5C certificate clarifies exactly what you need to send to the DVLA. However, these words do not diminish the legal rights of the buyer, namely that the vehicle was sold as described above and that the car was above all safe. It is illegal to sell a non-road vehicle in Britain. The undersigned buyer confirms receipt of the above-mentioned vehicle against the cash amount of £…….,,, is the price agreed by the buyer with the seller for the above vehicle, the receipt of which the seller confirms. The vehicle is deemed to be sold as seen, tested and approved by the buyer. If you sell a used car privately, you should print two copies of a buyer/seller`s contract – one for you, one for the buyer.

It is essentially a receipt that proves that you have sold a particular vehicle to a designated person at an agreed price. If you have accepted the sale, you should present the buyer with the contract of a car seller. This is a receipt signed by both the buyer and seller, which states that the car was sold “without warranty, as seen, tested and approved”. You can find a template for a car seller`s contract on the AA website. If you are selling a used car privately, it is important to provide the buyer with a receipt “sold as seen, tested and approved without warranty”. Too many questions can be avoided by adding as much detail as possible to the description. It is also good to include an area of comments or ratings about the vehicle/sale. If you don`t, it can create problems later – for example, if the new owner of the car commits a traffic offense, you may have to prove that you didn`t drive the car if the DVLA thinks you still own it.

Then the contract should contain the following: if the car is not in a condition to drive, you must specify this in the first message. Selling an unsecured vehicle is illegal unless the person wants to buy it for repairs or spare parts. Don`t base your promotion price on assumptions. Instead, try using self-assessment tools on sites like Auto Trader, Parkers, What Car? and GAP. If possible, it is a good idea to meet the buyer at your bank to receive the payment, so that you can deposit the money immediately and the cashier checks the notes as genuine. When selling a car, your primary responsibility is to ensure that you describe and represent the car fairly and accurately to the potential buyer. As a private seller, you do not necessarily have the obligation to assure the buyer that the car is in good condition. However, you can`t claim that a car is in good condition if it isn`t, so if a potential buyer asks you about the condition of the vehicle, you need to be completely honest.