Uw Madison Transfer Agreements

The transfer contract has specific rules and eligibility conditions. Students interested in the contract must meet with a transfer advisor to sign the “Intent to Participate” before entering into 30 credits at Madison College. Students who pass from other two- or four-year institutions are not eligible for this contract. Students must meet the curriculum requirements set by UW-Madison, in addition to meeting the minimum admission requirements set out in the link above. You have guaranteed admission to the UW Transfer University if you: 3. Meet with a university transfer program advisor for two years at least once a semester during enrollment. 7. Take the Liberal Arts and Sciences Transfer Program courses that meet the following list of UW-Madison program requirements. Courses transferred or exempted to MATC will not be 2.

Submit a letter of intent to participate before signing up for 30 transferable credits to CVTC. Students meet with their CVTC advisor to determine eligibility for the transfer contract and submit the Memorandum of Understanding online to participate in the UW-Madison Office of Admissions and Recruitment. UW-Madison sends the student an acknowledgement and a copy of the letter of intent to participate with the CVTC advisor. Madison College students who are under a transfer contract must: – In addition to the requirement to meet with a MATC advisor, students should consult a UW-Madison transfer advisor to obtain information on the requirements of their degree and main subject at UW-Madison and prepare for a successful transfer experience. Since the inception of the transfer contract, more than 1,000 Madison College students have participated in the guaranteed transfer agreement between MATC and UW-Madison. There is no limit to the number of students who can sign the transfer contract each year, but students must be allowed to sign the contract. 7. Complete the Liberal Arts Program courses associated with the science transfer program, which meet the following list of UW-Madison program requirements.

These courses are required for all UW-Madison bachelor`s programs and the conclusion of these elements of the program provides a solid foundation for academic performance preparation at UW-Madison. The terms in this list have specific meanings in UW-Madison. You will find information on how courses are transferred from CVTC to UW-Madison in the transfer information system at Students are encouraged to contact their receiving university as soon as possible for more information on the Guaranteed Transfer Admissions Program to begin planning the transfer. The University of Wisconsin-Madison allows more madison College transfer students each year than any other school. Madison College students continue to show that they are well prepared for the UW-Madison academic exams. The UW System Guaranteed Transfer Admission Program offers a “guaranteed” accreditation for students who start at a UW university or branch campus and move directly to another UW university. Students must meet certain average credit, running and credit credit requirements of the receiving institution in order to qualify for the insured transfer admission program. The full agreement and specific eligibility guidance are available in To check the transferability of the course to the other, visit 5. Earn a 3.2 GPA in the course work transfer program, as determined by the UW-Madison calculation.

The AMP for transmission is calculated in accordance with UW-Madison`s ranking practices (all scores for repeated courses are included in the calculation).