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“I think it`s fair to say that the employer tried to share our membership. The unanimous vote of confidence that the UNBCFA negotiating team gave this morning to the UNBCFA negotiating team should send a strong signal to the employer that this kind of stunt will only strengthen our determination to reach a normal collective agreement. In order to obtain funding for federal research, a B.B.A. has a plan for justice, diversity and inclusion for research chairs, but not for faculties in general, a situation that Professor Dana Wessell Lightfootfoot described as “alarming” in a UNBC gender study. “It is essential that we recruit and maintain faculties of excellence and ensure that we address the opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed,” the University`s latest press release states. Maggie Biagioni, student officer at the BC Nurses Union, said it was important for union members to show their support for UNBC`s faculty. “The students I spoke to are obviously angry that there is a strike – it hurts our education. But for the most part, I think students are very supportive of the faculty and don`t bother the faculty for it. “UNBC`s faculty ends for the second time in five years,” he said. “The Faculty Association is disappointed that we are meeting our members on the picket line and continues to promote the negotiation of a fair and sectoral contract.” It seems that there is no agreement between the @UNBCFA and @UNBC which means that the faculty will be on the picket lines this morning in an hour. Obviously, not a word about the duration of the strike, #unbc #UNBCFA #strike #university #cityofpg #education #learning #teaching “We need to reach a branch collective agreement, because it is so important to the long-term sustainability of a university we love so much,” Rader concluded. As a newly elected member of parliament from the region, Bachrach says, he visited the picketing line to talk to teachers, students and staff to better understand the problems.

UNBC-FA employs approximately 500 full-time and part-time members, including De Tenured and Tenure Track faculties, chief laboratory professors, librarians and conventionist science specialists. The Faculty Association also criticized the administration for seeking an agreement allowing it to terminate contracts with some of its members who are not covered by the collective agreement. According to the Faculty Association, approval of the measure could legally threaten the union and result in “serious financial risks.” “We were fortunate to have great faculty members we can trust and who I hope will help us as much as possible after the strike. But it`s scary because we don`t know,” said UNBC social employment student Adelle Jonker.¬†UNBC is a really important part of the north B. C, and I want to make sure that the teachers` voices are heard and that they get a fair shake,” he said. “The collective bargaining process is an important part of our system, and I hope they will talk to the employer and reach a fair agreement.” On Thursday morning, the faculty association returned with a revised offer and a salary target that the university took up to see what the financial commitment would be. “The employer thanks the Special Ombudsman for his work and looks forward to going through this process and entering into a collective agreement with the AI,” UNBC said in a statement. UNBC students, the BC Nurses Union and Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach joined the UNBC faculty strike in front of the main Terrace Campus building on November 15. (Brittany Gervais/Terrace Standard) The UNBC FA serves the interests of nearly 500 full-time and part-time members on Prince George and UNBC regional campuses.