Service Agreement Therapy Focus

In the event of a multidisciplinary team intervention, all service providers will individually assert their rights against a single point of assistance. The client may also contact the parent/supervisor or plan manager or any other party who has the right to manage services on behalf of the client. The signatory of this agreement must be over 18 years old and will be the client or customer`s representative. The signatory is responsible for the contractual obligations of the customer arising from this service contract. Service agreements are established after an initial consultation at the Eat Speak Learn Clinic and generally include an evaluation, therapy report and intervention meetings in accordance with the pricing plan, unless otherwise agreed between the two parties. Under this agreement, it is possible to charge up to an additional 30 minutes of intervention and/or follow-up services per intervention session. Tracking services are broken down and billed according to the provision of the service, in addition to intervention meetings. If third-party funds are spent prior to the conclusion of the service contract, the service contract is considered terminated, Eat Speak Learn cannot guarantee the availability of future services and customers may choose to be added to a waiting list. The aim of therapy services is to adapt, adapt and strengthen the Community`s capacity for participation. Eat Speak Learn offers tailored language pathology services and will recommend best practice therapeutic assistance to achieve the client`s goals. If a customer wishes to provide feedback to Eat Speak Learn, or if they are dissatisfied with the service and wish to file a complaint, the customer should contact Eat, Speak Learn by phone on 02 6156 2804, by email or in person at Northpoint Plaza, 8 Chandler Street, Belconnen, ACT, 2617. Payments must be made according to Eat Speak Learn`s rate structure and be paid at the time of service. Customers are informed two weeks before each price change.

Price increases usually occur every year in July. Eat Speak Learn will comply with all legal provisions applicable to pricing services. At the time of publication, the majority of allied health services were not subject to LAGST. When it is necessary to modify or provide services, the parties agree to review and review the service agreement. The parties agree that any changes to this service agreement will be written, signed and dated by the parties. It is the responsibility of the contracting entity to inform the provider if the provision of services is not satisfactory immediately after the service is delivered or within a written agreement between the two parties. If there is no reported dissatisfaction, it means that the services have been provided satisfactorily.