Cfo Employment Agreement Sample

Now let`s take a look at some of the things you should look for in an employment contract. The indication of your roles and responsibilities in your CFO employment contract is important because your performance assessment is based on your responsibility, and in return, your compensation, your retention of employment and even severance pay depend on your benefit. In addition, you should have a clear understanding of your team resources and budget, office, expense accounts, etc. before making an appointment. Finally, you need resources to get high performance. Topics outside of your employment contract that you want to understand clearly before adoption: But… not just a few boilerplate models. You want your models to be adapted to the requirements of your company. To do this, inform your advice of what your company (and by definition, your employees) will do. Are you going to design software? In this case, you want to make sure that all employment contracts contain an iron assignment of inventions, in which employees give you full rights to any development they make at work.

Are you on sale? Consider strengthening your confidentiality and non-competition clauses so that employees cannot walk and immediately surrender to their customers. You can also have a lawyer`s condition met, for example. B the number of days off or sickness you want to offer and include important business policies and procedures. B, such as company guidelines on sexual harassment or authorized use of corporate equipment. Malfeasation related to the performance of your work obligations and obligations (D) Their participation in intentional misconduct or moral turpitude (as reasonably determined by a majority decision of the Board of Directors) may appropriately affect the company or its business; (E) your abuse or dependence on alcohol or drugs (illegal or otherwise) that interfere with your work; (F) your wilful omission or refusal to properly fulfill the obligations, responsibilities or duties of your employment for reasons other than disability or leave (as established by a majority decision of the Board of Directors at its discretion and judgment) the legitimate instruction of the company (except for an intentional breach or a refusal of good faith by professional advisors in good faith such as lawyers and accountants); or (G) your substantial violation of this agreement or any other contractual obligation of written policy or written agreement with the company (except for a substantial breach based in good faith on the advice of professional consultants such as lawyers and accountants).