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  • Milagen continues patent prosecution of cancer biomarker applications, thus enforcing the intellectual property value of the discovery of cancer biomarkers with unique selectivity on early cancer stage, and their clinical applications
  • Milagen engages with the FDA on the device classification of the multiwell plate
  • Milagen continues patent prosecution of the multiwell system application, seeking intellectual property protection for its methodology and innovative design in cervical disease evaluation
  • Milagen files Mexican Patent Application N° MX/a/2013/013365 entitled “High-throughput Integrated system for detection of gynecological diseases”
  • Milagen is pleased to receive from the Mexico Regulatory Agency COFEPRIS the approval for the commercialization in Mexico to the public and private diagnostic sector, of the following Milagen IVD products of Class I, with validity until 2019:
  • MIC 1 Registration # 0210R2014SSA
  •  MUC-4  Registration # 0120R2014SSA
  •  P504S  Registration # 0047R2014SSA
  •  CA19-9 Registration # 0020R2014SSA
  •  MUC-3 Registration # 0022R2014SSA